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Do I have to enroll full-time?

No. While enrolling full-time is a great option, we understand that it isn’t suitable for everyone. Therefore, students can choose to enroll in our school on a full or part-time basis. In addition, all virtual classes are recorded so that students can go back and watch recordings if needed. 

Do I have to live in Jordan School District?

No. Kelsey Peak is open to all Utah students. Proof of residence is required when registering. Out-of-District students need to enroll in full-time virtual learning. 

Can I still take some courses at my home school?

Yes. We have a great working relationship with all of the schools in the Jordan School District. Students who enroll in our school are still able to take courses from their home school.

Can I still play sports and participate in extracurricular activities?

Yes. Students who enroll in our school can still participate in sports and activities at their local brick-and-mortar school. 

Can I use my own computer/device?

Yes, however, we highly recommend that students use school-owned devices. It allows our techs to help with tech support, maintenance, and updates, and students benefit from the district's safety and security measures. In addition, when working at the school (in-person), students will need to use a district-connected device to access their materials.

How will I get help if I need it?

Your teachers will be there to help. You will be able to schedule a time to meet with your instructor through virtual conferencing or in-person if you need. Your teachers care about your success and are happy to meet with you. Teacher have office hours throughout the week to help you. 

What if I just want a place to come and work?

Students will have access to a computer lab where they can come to work if they wish. However, many students find that they work best if they have a place to go. Even if students work independently, having a dedicated place to work helps to create a successful routine. Workspaces are available at both locations (Hidden Valley Middle School- South Entrance & Majestic Elementary Portables) 

Do I have to work at a certain time?

Teachers will provide live learning opportunities in every course each week. We encourage students to attend live sessions, and our data shows that students who attend live events have a higher success rate. However, teachers will record the live instruction for those unable to attend.

Do I have to attend in-person activities?

No, but we would love you too. One of the biggest differences between Kelsey Peak and other virtual schools is the opportunity to learn and socialize with your peers during in-person lessons, labs, service projects, and activities.