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Bell Schedule 2022-2023

Monday - Thursday
1st period (Period 31)8:008:4545 min
2nd period (Period 32)8:509:3545 min
3rd Period (Period 33)9:4010:2545 min
4th period (Period 34)10:3011:1545 min
Lunch11:1511:4530 min
5th period (Period 35)11:4512:3045 min
6th period (Period 36)12:351:2045 min
7th period (Period 37)1:252:1045 min
8th period (Period 38)2:153:0045 min

Friday In-Person Activities List

Asynchronous Learning, In-Person Activities/Intervention Invite only10:001:00(3) 1 hr Chunks

Friday learning will be asynchronous, with in-person activities and remediation via invite-only. Students will have assignments in all of their classes to complete.